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Martin & Co clearly know the market, which has kept any void periods to an absolute minimum, due to their keen pricing and high levels of customer service.

Mickel Mark-Richards

Landlord, North West London

They give sound advice when it comes to finding suitable properties and tenants.

Mrs Marie S

Landlord, Coulsdon

We surveyed 2,500 landlords to discover what's working for them in 2016.

In this report you will learn:

What the result of the EU Referendum really means for the UK housing market and landlord sentiment
The latest figures for capital growth, giving you security and peace of mind about the future of your buy to let property.
landlord’s main priority when looking to invest – and it isn’t location or cost!
A new investor growth assessment tool to help you make the best decisions when expanding your portfolio


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"The Investor Growth Assesment Tool is simple to use and gives clear instructions on where to buy and more importantly, the houses to avoid."
Alan Adams, Telford



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Get your free Market Intelligence Report Here
Get your free Market Intelligence Report Here
For a limited time only, you can access this knowledge for yourself with our Autumn 2016 Market Intelligence Report.

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Market Intelligence Report

We surveyed 2,500 UK landlords to discover what's working now in Autumn 2016.

In this report you'll learn:

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